UltraSource – 120235-200 Vacuum Chamber Pouches, 3 mil, 16″ x 24″ (Pack of 500)


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Food Packaging, Processing Equipment, & Supplies

Since our founding in 1883, UltraSource has served the processing and packaging equipment needs of thousands of companies worldwide in the meat and poultry, seafood, produce, dairy, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Whether it’s kill floor, further processing, vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging, or high-speed labeling, our comprehensive offering includes hundreds of products that enable us to custom tailor equipment solutions that meet the production line objectives, labor goals, budget constraints, and brand image of our customers.

Vacuum Chamber Sealing

Over 130 Years of Vacuum Packaging Experience

UltraSource is an established leader in commercial vacuum chamber packaging machinery and pouches. Whether your a hunter storing wild game for the winter or an industrial food processor, vacuum pouches from UltraSource are the solution to short and long-term storage.

Our 3, 4 or 5 mil pouches are the industry leader in clarity, strength and sealing performance. Designed to deliver puncture and tear protection while maximizing shelf life, these pouches are perfect for preserving beef, poultry, pork, frozen seafood, cheese, vegetables, grains, and more without sacrificing quality or flavor.

However, a stronger seal requires a stronger vacuum. These pouches are only compatible with chamber vacuum sealers, which provide a more consistent seal than FoodSaver, Weston, or Rival hand sealers. Chamber sealing uses an enclosed chamber that removes air from the entire chamber and maintains equal air pressure inside and outside the bag.

Once the bag is sealed, air returns to the chamber. This offers a reliable solution to sealing liquid products and moisture-rich foods. Smaller vacuum sealers do not effectively contain liquids and often create a partial seal.

Benefits Of Chamber Vacuum Sealing

Increased Shelf Life

The key to increasing product shelf life is regulating the ideal oxygen levels inside the pouch. Pouches act as a barrier that prevents natural processes that degrade the tenderness, color, and flavor of meats. Properly vacuum sealing can dramatically reduce freezer burn, and is the preferred form of packaging for long-term meat storage around the world.

Retail Ready

If you are planning on selling a sealed product, you want customers to be able to see it clearly. These high clarity/gloss pouches have no cloudy finish like other brands, making them ready for retail display. Try our gold foil or black pouches for the look and feel of upscale packaging.

Sealing Liquids & Sous Vide

Smaller vacuum sealers (Weston, FoodSaver, etc.) do not effectively contain liquids and often create a partial seal. Combine with UltraSource Boil-in bags to easily store foods for Sous Vides applications.

Sous Vide, which means ‘under vacuum’ in French, is the process of vacuum sealing food and submerging it in a controlled-temperature water bath. This cooks food products more evenly and consistently with little work involved.

Vacuum Chamber Sealing Process

Insert product into vacuum chamber pouch. Keep any loose ends or small pieces away from open end of pouch.

Align pouch with seal bars

Align the open end of your vacuum pouch with the chamber machine’s heated seal bar.

Seal Pouch

Close chamber lid, select options. Run sealing process.

Tear & Store

Tear off perforated end, store in freezer or elsewhere.

Use with a chamber vacuum sealer (not FoodSaver compatible) to safely package and store meats, cheeses, vegetables, and grains
Chamber sealing locks in freshness, flavor and nutritional value while extending food storage time
Durable 3 mil thickness keeps your product safe during storage and transportation
BPA free

UltraSource – 120235-200 Vacuum Chamber Pouches, 3 mil, 16″ x 24″ (Pack of 500)
UltraSource – 120235-200 Vacuum Chamber Pouches, 3 mil, 16″ x 24″ (Pack of 500)


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