Pure Indian Foods Organic Grassfed Original Ghee, 14 oz, Pasture Raised, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Paleo, Keto-Friendly Cooking Fat / Oil, Clarified Butter (16 fl oz / 1 pint)


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Product Description

Pure Indian FoodsPure Indian Foods

Our grass fed organic ghee starts by making butter from grass fed cow’s milk. We then render the butter into ghee. We don’t add salt, preservatives, trans fats, dyes, colors, or anything else to our ghee. The only ingredient in our ghee is non-homogenized milk.

Grass fed organic ghee offers all the wonderful flavors of butter, but with the shelf life of cooking oils. Ghee is gluten-free and provides healthy fats, a variety of practical cooking applications, and the buttery taste you love on your favorite foods. Ghee is highly potent so a little bit goes a long way, making it last longer than an equivalent quantity of butter. Bake, fry, saute, and change your diet for the better today with the best organic Indian ghee from Pure Indian Foods!

Grassfed Organic GheeGrassfed Organic Ghee

The Ideal Cooking Fat

Ghee is the perfect cooking fat to use anywhere you would use butter or oil. It is shelf-stable and excellent for sauteing, stir fries, baking, and other high heat applications.

Grassfed GheeGrassfed Ghee

Our ghee is…

Grass-fed & USDA Certified Organic – Made in USA. Gourmet quality – made using grass-fed cow’s milk produced from spring thru fall only. However, as with any natural product, the color and texture may vary. Made from non-homogenized Milk. Made by a fifth-generation, family-owned ghee business…since 1889. Packed in glass jars. Benefits many diets: Paleo, Gluten-Free, Ayurveda, Whole30, FODMAP

ghee textureghee texture

Why is my ghee liquidy or grainy?

Ghee is primarily used as a cooking fat, or on top of warm foods and drinks. So no matter what the texture is, it melts into clear golden liquid in few seconds when heated. We can’t promise a particular texture once the jar arrives. To do so, we would have to over-process the product and add fillers/stabilizers etc. and we can’t, as we want to keep the product absolutely clean and all of our ghee is made traditionally, just as it has been for thousands of years in India.

How is ghee made?

​Ghee is prepared by melting and simmering butter until all the water evaporates and the milk solids settle at the bottom. The remaining butter oil is very stable, giving it a high smoke point which makes it an excellent choice to use for frying and sautéing and it can be stored without refrigeration for up to a year.

Is ghee dairy?

Many people can’t tolerate dairy, but they are able to consume ghee. Casein and lactose are removed during the making of ghee. Unless a person is very sensitive, consuming ghee is safe for those with dairy issues, unlike butter.

Why Grassfed?

Grass-fed cows produce milk that is high in naturally occurring Vitamins A, D & K, as well as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an antioxidant and essential fatty acid. In addition, grassfed ghee contains a balanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats. (This ratio is around 3:1 for grass-fed animals compared to over 20:1 for grain-fed animals!)

Conversely, grain-fed cows produce unhealthy fats you wouldn’t want in your body. Most cows are corn or soy fed. It’s cheap and filling, but indigestible for cows.

Whole30 Approved

Pure Indian Foods was the first ghee company to become Whole30(R) Approved back in 2011. Pure Indian Foods carries certified organic ghees, spices, and cold-pressed oils that are all Whole30(R) Approved.

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GOURMET QUALITY – Made from non-homogenized cow’s milk from springtime thru the fall, sourced from family farms in small batches. Grassfed & USDA Certified 100% Organic – Made in USA. Packed in glass jars.
RECOGNIZED WORLDWIDE – Pure Indian Foods was the first ghee brand to receive Whole30 Approved seal in 2011.
HANDCRAFTED – by The Agarwal Family that has been in the ghee business for 5-generations, since 1889. Every Jar is filled by hand.
NEVER WHIPPED – Your ghee may be melted, gritty, grainy, smooth, or solid, which are all normal textures of traditionally-made ghee. As with any natural product, color and texture may vary. Visit our website for FAQ.

Pure Indian Foods Organic Grassfed Original Ghee, 14 oz, Pasture Raised, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Paleo, Keto-Friendly Cooking Fat / Oil, Clarified Butter (16 fl oz / 1 pint)
Pure Indian Foods Organic Grassfed Original Ghee, 14 oz, Pasture Raised, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Paleo, Keto-Friendly Cooking Fat / Oil, Clarified Butter (16 fl oz / 1 pint)


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